Makii Art Hall Futtsu Tokyo (JPN) 2010
foam material, size: variable

Herbert Egger laboriously “peels” thin lines of rubber by cutting them out of a rubber mat. The lines are then installed by stretching the rubber three dimensionally in a room. This line installation becomes the transformation of the imaginary into an actual space - showing the archetypal outline of a house shape. The flexible rubber material gives the sculpture a nomadic quality, with the possibility of infinite changes of location. The rubber mat, now the negative form, is installed as a panel on the wall. The “peeled” line becomes the active part of the piece, stepping out of a two dimensional image into the room, yet able to return to its origin at any point.

in cooperation with Christine Bauer

Christine Bauer collects soil of varying colors from numerous locations; the soil, mixed with a binding material, is then adhered to a structural surface. The original soils, once removed, are displaced soils. By juxtaposing them to one another, new original EARTH and CONTEMPLATION PLACES are created. Christine Bauer’s objects are created by the multi layering of many colored European soil. In the installation EARTH PLACE, paper and cardboard are the surface structures. By folding and crumpling the structures, the soil is returned to an original three dimensionality becoming a unique EARTH PLACE.